5 Good Reasons

goodreasons-testIn our modern world everybody can book flights through various booking platforms on the internet, but here are a few very good reasons, why you should book you flight through a professional travel agency like Destinations Travel.



1. We are Professionals

When you go to a doctor, you make an effort the visit the most renowned specialist in his field. When your car needs repairs, you choose to go to an authorized dealer. When you are looking for insurance cover, you go to the most trustworthy broker you know.

So, why would you want to book your flights through an internet portal, of which you neither know any employee, the managers or their level of expertise, nor do you know where the company is located and who earns the money from your booking?

At Destinations Travel we are all trained professionals in our field. We work daily with international travel affairs, our staff has studied Travel and Tourism and has numerous years of experience in travel bookings.


2. We are here

We are persons you can talk to and exchange your ideas with. Through the years we have found that many travellers have a broad idea of their travel plans, but through our personal consultation we were able to pinpoint their exact requests and dreams and were able to plan and book their holidays exactly as they expected them to be. So come by and visit us in our office.


3. We see the bigger picture

Many online travel portals only concentrate on one specific kind of travel service, such as flights, or accommodation. We have good connections to all aspects of travel from travel insurance, over a huge database of accommodation establishment to flight tarifs of more than 300 airlines worldwide. We can find the best mix of travel services for your trip.


4. We keep track of your travel

Nearly everybody has made the nasty experience of delayed flights, missed connections or unexpected changes in your plans. When booking your flight through us, we get automatic status updates regarding your booking. This means we can warn you in advance if there are time changes, we can assist you when you are stuck somewhere and we can make any changes to your travel plans and at any time required.


5. Destination Knowledge

We make an effort to travel around the globe to be able to give you sound travel advice about destinations, sights, attractions and highlights. We share our first hand travel experience with you, protecting you from negative experiences and highlighting insider tips to you. Click here to find out where we've been. With our travel expertise and destinations knowledge help you to optimize your travel plans.