Boeing 737-800

737 800
The Boeing 737-800 is used mainly on domestic and regional routes. It is the second smallest aircraft in the fleet of South African Airways.


Length:                       39.5 m

Wing span:                  34.3 m

Height:                       12.5 m

Maximum passengers: 157


Seat map:

b737-800 seatmapLegend:

business seat Business Class seat



economy seat Economy Class seat



not for_children_disabled May not be occupied by children, infirm, elderly, mothers with infants or non-English speaking passengers


toilet Toilet



toilet with_diaper_board Toilet with diaper board



galley Galley



stowage Stowage



crew seats Crew seats



stretcher cases Stretcher cases



seat pitch Seat pitch



curtain Curtain



baby bassinet Baby bassinet (must be pre-booked)



wchr stowage Wheelchair stowage


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