travelguard-chartisTravel with peace of mind. Our travel insurance products allow you to travel the world in complete freedom, knowing you have the most comprehensive protection. Be it for a short trip or extended family holiday, single-journey or annual coverage allowing for multiple trips, as a student leaving for higher education overseas - you can choose from our wide range of travel related benefits and services.


Individual & Family Cover

This is the most commonly used travel cover. There are three different options to choose from - Platinum, Gold and Silver - which differ in the limits of the cover in the respective sections.

In the Individual & Family Cover options upt to 5 children under the age of 18 are included at no cost. The benefits will be shared.

These cover options can be booked by individuals or families if the insured persons ages are between 3 months and up to and including 69 years.

Please find below all details of these insurance options:

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Indian Ocean Cover

The Indian Ocean Cover is specifically designed for travel who are goin on vacation to any of the Indian Ocean islands such as Mauritius

The cover can be booked by individuals or families, again with up to 5 children up to the age of 18 included at no extra cost.

The insured person need to be between 3 months and up to and including 69 years of age.

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Student & Youth Cover

A basic insurance cover option for students and youths who set out to explore the world. This insurance cover is valid for person between the ages of 16 years and 36 years. It can be booked as a 3 month cover, a six month cover or a 12 month cover.

As with the other cover options, this cover is valid internationally and is specifically designed for young travellers. The premiums are kept as low as possible, including a basic insurance cover, which covers the most common events.

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Senior Cover

Any person who is over the age of 69 years can only be insured with the Senior Cover option. There are two classifications - Seniors (up to the age of 79 years) and Super Seniors (up to the age of 84 years).

The insurance cover is also internationally valid, but there are limitation on the covered events and the duration of the trip.

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Here you will find all the important downloads regarding Chartis Travel insurance. You will find the Policy Wordings, which are applicable to each travel insurance option as well the claim form, which is required when sending in an insurance claim. Furthermore you will find a checklist for the claim procedure as well as a detailed despription on how to claim.

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Business Cover

This cover is especially suited for the needs of business travellers. The cover is available for trips, which are longer than six days and the cover is made out exactly to the duration of the trip. The benefits are amongst the highest, that are on offer.

As this cover is designed specifically for business travel, no children are included in the cover and there is also no family option. The insured persons must be between the ages of 16 years and up to and including 69 years.

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